I got mail.....

Men inte om mina pengar...... Jag tror det är någon som stöter på mig!!

"It is my pleasure to meet you and to have found your email,i would love to know you and know the kind of person you are,i am a lady light in complexion,intelligent and friendly,i would love to tell you more about me and let you know anything that you would like to know about me.I will appreciate to hear from you to tell you more about myself,family,career etc.thank you as i wait to hear from you.  
Nene Niang."

Jag är väl uppfostrad så jag svarade

"I am a girl in my best year , a little bit hairy. I live in the north of sweden , it is very cold here but i really enjoy it and because of the weather it is good to have so much hair as i have.

I dont work and earn any money, but i live for free in a apartment with my sister , matte och husse. I really enjoy life. Matte och husse says that i am intelligent and friendly to.

Who are you and do you like dogs???


Postat av: Jeanette och Dino

Tydligen har Nene Niang dissat dig Smilla, för nu stöter hon på mig istället, har precis fått mail av henne. Men hon verkar inte vara min typ så jag svarade inte... /Dino

2009-02-21 @ 09:11:11
URL: http://www.freewebs.com/fjellfarmensdino

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